The Adventures of Selling on eBay or How I Sold My Schluep!

Now that I’m selling on eBay a lot more, I get asked a lot more – “Can you make good money selling online?”  Well, now what is “good money”?   Selling on eBay or Craig’s List is “relative.”  Do you want to make $500 a month, or $5,000?  The first is very doable, I have found; the latter requires more business acumen (and financial backing) than I possess or have access to, at least for the time being.  But take a good look around your house – especially places like the garage or attic – and I would bet  you dollars to donuts you have items you no longer use or need that would sell on eBay.

Do you have Schluep
You just never know what valuable item may be hiding in a dusty old shoe box!

Let me tell you about My Schluep.  I have to admit to having items in my “inventory” that I don’t quite remember purchasing, mainly because they were part of a box of items that I just purchased everything in the box without looking too far into it (knowing at least one or two items were worth the  price of the whole lot).  I suspect that is how I came to own a Schluep.  It’s been bouncing around my “loose jewelry” (costume) box for a couple of years.  It’s rather odd looking, something I will call a small piece of “metal artwork,” consisting of a wheel, similar to a grist mill wheel, some blade-like pieces that gave it a sort of helicopter look, and a gold-toned dot in the middle, which kind of reminded me of the studs people put in when they pierce their tongues.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  Well, My Schluep had two things going for it – two maker’s marks – Sterling Silver and W.  Schluep.

JUST as I was preparing to take the Schluep and some other pieces of scrap  Sterling Silver and gold to the pawn shop, I decided to look up the name Schluer – the “p” looked like an “r,” so my search yielded nothing.  I went to the pawn shop, where they bought my scrap gold, but sent me to another shop to sell the silver.  I came home instead, and posted a question on the eBay buyer boards, asking for info about this piece of W Schluer [sic] Sterling Silver.  Within a day (eBay boards people are FANTASTIC!), I received a reply – it was not “Schluer,” it was “Schluep,” as in Walter Schluep, a well-known metal artisan!  Well-known, that is, in Canada.  His pieces sell for hundreds of dollars, and he is now retired.  My Schleup just went from scrap silver to a valuable one-of-a-kind piece of homemade jewelry by a “famous” artist!

The eBay member from the boards (again, can’t praise them enough) even sent me a photo of a similar piece, and suggested I be sure to put in information about Schluep’s gallery in Montreal (which recently closed), and other info that Canadian collectors would notice.  I did as he suggested, and voila’!  My Schluep sold for nearly $100!  It went to Canada, of course, and that’s where it belongs … not in the silver smelter, yielding me enough to buy 2 loaves of bread and a gallon of milk.

So, any questions WHY I sell on eBay?  Look for Your Schluep.  You just never know what you may have in the back of your closet, a drawer, or a trunk in the attic!

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