That Was the Year That Was!

With apologies to the great American humorist Tom Lehrer ….

Looking back on 2010 I have to say, “Wow!” Talk about “the good, the bad, and the ugly!” I mean, the year starts out with me in Auburn, cold and trying my best to put a new business venture together with almost NO money! Thanks to the kindness of my aunt and uncle, I had a roof over my head, though, and was selling on eBay to pay things like gas and food. One time, even that wasn’t covered, and for the first time in my life, I went to the local food bank for groceries. I only had to go once, but friends shared things like canned goods with me, helping me stretch the budget between eBay sales.
Once, at a local estate sale, I had $9 to spend and thought I might be able to find a few things to sell. I saw two nightstands for $5 each. They were Heywood Wakefield, so I was sure I could sell them and make a nice profit. But I was short! I was just about to ask the sellers if they would take $9 when they announced “Everything is half price!” … I snatched those nightstands up so quickly I nearly made myself dizzy! The next day, everything was free, so I came back and loaded up on some great art and music items, which I sold for a few dollars on eBay. Oh, and the nightstands? They sold for $400! Wow, what a profit margin and what a gift from the Universe!
But the business was not coming together, and I thought I’d better start looking for a job. Before I could do that, though, I get a call from my friend who lives in Alaska – her mother in San Diego had fallen and was in a leg brace. She was in the middle of moving, so I went down to help. Good thing I did, too. She had taken a very hard tumble, fractured her kneecap, and I drove her back from the doctor, where they put her in a cast from her toes to her upper thigh! For the next two months, I was a caretaker for my friend’s mother, who gave me a room and a bath and kept me fed and warm. What luck .. in a way!
Once she was able to drive, I returned to Northern California, only to get word of a job a few weeks later – hurray! Only hitch is that it was in San Diego. So back I go, and my friend’s mom again let me stay at her place while I interviewed for and eventually go the job! In fact, I stayed there several more months, and was just starting to think about moving to my own place when disaster befell my friend from Alaska.
Her husband of over 25 years – one of those “did everything right” types – suddenly suffered a brain hemorrhage. He lingered for two weeks in the hospital, but nothing could be done. He lost the battle, and my friend came back to stay with her mother – and me!
So now I needed to find an apartment pretty fast.
So I’m at a yard sale and the guy says they are moving, that their house will be up for rent. It’s too much, but his landlord has another place. Long story short, ta da! – I rented an apartment in Oceanside, only a block from the beach and 2 blocks from the train station (I take the Coaster to work).
So 2010 was a good one for me, but a very sad one for the people around me. We lost my sweet Aunt Pat in May, then a friend from my racetrack days, Arlene, and the biggest blow of them all, when my dear friend’s 59-yr old husband passes. There were some serious illnesses in my family, too, and we all know how bad the economy has been. But I’m optimistic about 2011. And today is 1-1-11. Seems like a good sign to me.
Happy New Year, everyone. May this be a great year for everyone!

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