My Life in Circles

This won’t be a “piece” or a story from my life (real or imagined), but just a “guess what I’ve been up to the past 9 months” sort of thing (no, I wasn’t pregnant!).

I guess I’m living proof that Life is a Journey, since the past few years have had me “journeying” all over, finally landing me back where I started when I left San Diego (up to “here” with the place) in 2002.  Eight years later, I am back.   I have a great job I love, a new apartment that is “sufficient,” and I’m back with my friends and even some of my family!

Is life composed of circles?  Or is it just my life?  I certainly have come Full Circle.  When I left SD I was fed up with Southern California and also wanted to be around my grandson as he grew up in Washington state.  So I moved, and that seemed to be a good idea.  But after a while, my Circle of Friends began to fall apart.  I couldn’t afford to fly down to California very often, and they had no desire to come up to Washington (three friends did make the trip – once each).  My cousin told me on one visit, “I think you’re going to move back, I just feel it in my bones.”  I laughed – NO WAY!  I bought a place in Washington, had a nice job, and lived in a beautiful place.  WHY would I come back?

Then things changed, my mother died suddenly, other family issues emerged, and before I knew it, I was living in Long Beach.  Not San Diego, but I knew I wouldn’t be moving back to Washington.  From Long Beach I went to Northern California — which I LOVED — and from there to Palm Springs.  Eventually, I was back in San Diego, working in a law firm (another Circle coming into play), taking a train to work every day — a cool thing for a trainiac — and rebuilding my life.  Four storage places, stuff strewn all over the state, and a few other Circles coming into play with friends and “relationships.”  [sorry, can’t expound on that…]

So the Universe has scooted me along, so to speak, putting me back at Square One – a few years older, a bit wiser, and definitely more than a little weary from the Journey(s).   But I’m recovering, getting settled, and certainly counting my blessings.  This year – 2010 – has been very good for me, personally, but it has been tough on those around me.   Friends have lost loved ones, family and friends have become quite ill, and three huge deaths in my Circle have been heartbreaking and unexpected.

But the Fates have kept me safe, kept me moving, kept me pointed in the right direction — not running around in Circles.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Let’s hope 2011 is a better year!


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