More Ozarks Memories

Well, it’s spring again, and for me that always brings back memories of … well, carnage!  You see, when I lived in the Ozarks of southern Missouri, springtime meant amorous turtles crossing the roads to pursue their love interests.  It was so sad to me – all those lovely box turtles (how many?) venturing out on the blacktop, with no idea what was coming their way.  CRUNCH!  Oh, it was terrible .. and fascinating!  There were times when they absolutely COVERED the road and, with the winding curves so prevalent in the Ozarks, you didn’t dare swerve to miss them!  CRUNCH!  I can still hear it in my head.

These box turtles still cross the roads, of course, and still get squished.  The Missouri Dept. of Conservation even has an informational piece on the turtles and watching out for them on the roads in the spring.  To read the MDC’s take on the turtles and their penchant for cruising the highways of Missouri, go to:  Box Turtles.

Spring is also the start of tick and chigger season in the Ozarks, but I’ll wait for summer to discuss those “varmints.” Oh, and let’s not forget the snakes!  Heck, we even had a bear by our house when I was a kid.  But check back for those tales. Just thinking about those chiggers makes me itchy!  Yikes!

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