Deb’s Tips – Part One

I have been collecting tips & hints for ages, and even have developed a few of my own. So I figured it was time to share.  Here is the first installment – enjoy!

  • I saw a sign recently that said, “I work here for the free coffee” … and that got me to thinking. While you’re at work, take advantage of the amenities your office may offer! Drink as many of your 8 glasses a day of water as you can, and if your office has a gym, use it! And don’t forget little things like using the restroom before you leave for the day; why not?
  • Most of us don’t use “print” cameras anymore, but sometimes I buy a disposable when I’m on a trip. When you take the disposable camera in for developing, make a note on the envelope asking for the batteries to be returned to you. All disposable cameras have AA batteries inside that still have lots of life left in them!
  • When traveling with your spouse, share your suitcases! Put half your clothes in his and put half his clothes in yours. That way, if one bag gets delayed or (heaven forbid!) lost, you each have some items to tide you over until the other bag is found and returned.
  • Check your state’s unclaimed property web site – you may have money waiting for you that you didn’t even know about!
  • Don’t order those fancy cartoon or cute puppies checks; they’re a waste of money! After all, you are using them to PAY BILLS, not send a cute letter to your niece Lizzie. Your bank may even offer free checks (some do), and they certainly have much, much cheaper checks available.
  • Speaking of your checking account, always “round up” your entries in your check register. For example, if you buy something for $14.83, put $15.00 in your register. At the end of the month, you’ll have a nice little chunk of change built up in “savings”!

Stay tuned for more tips coming soon!

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