Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy!

I suppose we all have dreamed of winning the lottery. I’m sure most of us even have an “I knew somebody who knew somebody” story. Well, mine is kind of like that. Yep, I know someone who won the lottery last month. And it wasn’t just a few bucks, either – it was $2.1 milliion!
Seems George Huntingford, a lifelong resident of Chimacum, Washington (and friend of, usually bought a lottery ticket every week, playing the same numbers for the past 18 years! Then, on Aug. 27th George said, “I didn’t spend no money today, I think I’ll buy a lottery ticket” and that sealed his fate!
I met George a few years ago while interviewing people in Chimacum who knew Betty MacDonald when she was married to Bob Heskett and living on the  “chicken farm” on what is now  Egg and I Road, named after the best-selling book .  George  also knew Betty’s brother, Cleve Bard, and other members of Betty’s family who lived nearby.  George is a colorful gentleman with a good memory and a twinkle in his eye. I’m so happy he’s won the lottery and is sharing it with his family. Read the stories at:

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