Totally Tuesday!

Here it is Tuesday, September 15th already; hard to believe!  Today’s daily post will be short, as I’m getting a late start.  Spent an inordinate amount of time getting up Categories and such for the site.  I sure hope everyone likes them!  I’ll probably add more, but for now this should keep us all pretty busy.  Be sure to read about Ol’ Mr. Barner, quite a character from my days in the Ozarks.  Living there was an unique and fascinating experience.  The clean air, lush forests with dogwood, walnut, and hickory trees, the clear lakes and rivers, the snakes, the bugs … but I digress.  It was – and is – a lovely part of the country.  In Ozark County, where I lived, there still are several old grist mills that remain open for visitors and have been preserved.  We lived near one of the most photographed, Hodgson Mill.  Hmm… I feel a story coming on …!

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